Health links

  • Online doctors who can help assess what you have and prescribe medications if needed. Like an online walk-in clinic available 24/7.
  • Doctors and nurses available 24/7 to chat about whatever medical needs you have. This website also offers; lawyers, mechanics, vets, and many other fields with professionals ready to answer whatever questions you may have.
  • A telehealth platform made for businesses to make accessible for their employees.
  • A way of connecting with registered dietitians to get nutrition counseling and a healthy plan made for you.
  • A computerized system, that is oversight by physicians, made to help you with your medical needs.
  • Online therapy services that help connect you with a therapist online to help you with your mental health
  • Private online counseling for any problem you may have.
  • An online counseling site made specifically for teens seeking mental help
  • An online service for people seeking help from doctors, counselors, psychiatrists or dermatologists.