What Are We Doing Here?

This site is meant to be a hub of resources and information to help people navigate the COVID-19 pandemic we find ourselves in. We have compiled extensive resources and information to help keep you safe and healthy both physically and mentally to assist you in surviving trying times. Stay up-to-date with the latest statistics


We want to keep the lines of communication open, if you have any Coronavirus information you feel would be of value on the site please contact us.


We do our best to fact check all information we put on this site as well as dispel any COVID-19 misinformation or rumours.


We hope to help people with the difficult times we are facing and make the isolation/quarantine experience as painless as possible.

Keep Yourself Safe

In this video Dr. David Price of Cornell provides tips and dispels rumours regarding COVID-19. Dr. Price explains what needs to be done so that we stay safe.


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